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Yamhill County Taxes


Yamhill County’s tax rate has not increased in over 20 years.  Fiscally conservative county commissioners continue to prioritize core services and budget frugally to handle service increases. Lindsay scrutinizes every proposal and makes sure that county taxpayers are getting the highest value for their money.  Implementing a customer-service oriented county government is why Lindsay was elected.

Property Rights

Lindsay is a strong defender of private property rights. She stopped a Portland-style bike trail (Yamhelas-Westsider Trail) that threatened county farmers, wasted millions in taxpayer money, and exposed taxpayers to METRO’s expensive light rail transit. She is an advocate for affordable housing and common-sense development that doesn’t threaten generational farmland.

Public Health

Public Health

The county oversees the public health needs of its residents. During COVID, Lindsay has supported programs that focus on prevention and safety.  Lindsay opposes mandating health decisions and believes that an individual has the right to make those decisions without government interference. She has fought for increased parental rights and continues to push for early drug and alcohol intervention programs with county youth.

Public Safety

Public Safety

Supporting our law enforcement and first responders is a top priority for Lindsay.  She also believes that personal safety and public safety go hand in hand.  Lindsay passed Yamhill County’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance to uphold the rights of law-abiding firearm owners and carriers.  She also worked to reduce CHL fees for county residents and increase opportunities for safety training.

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The recall petitioners not only have lied, but their lawyer admitted it in a letter. Read the full text for yourself by clicking here.